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Support Working Committees

As NIDO Germany is regularly called upon to render expert advice and counsel on many important issues, the organisation has Support Working Committees (SWC) dedicated to specific issues.


SWCs assist the Executive Committee in the delivery of its mandates and promote the spirit of active membership in the organisation.


The SWCs provide members the platform to share ideas and experiences and synergise their competences and resources towards identifying and recommending practical actions.


Therefore, NIDO Germany relies on the SWCs to develop policies, programmes and initiatives to address identified challenges.


The SWCs, which report directly to the Executive Committee, are established on an ongoing basis depending on the needs of the organisation.


The SWCs provide opportunity for all members to actively participate in the activities of NIDO Germany, promoting a collective sense of responsibility and ownership.


The current SWCs are those for Trade & Investment, Development, Education & Training, Health Care and Science & Technology, IT/Digitalisation.