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Partner with NIDO Germany

Partner with NIDO Germany

With a population of more than 200 million people, Nigeria is not only Africa’s most populous country but also its biggest economy.


Nigeria therefore offers tremendous opportunities for trade and investment.


NIDO Germany is committed to the promotion of greater economic, social, educational and cultural ties between Nigeria and Germany.


We encourage German investors to seek opportunities in Nigeria and also support Nigerian companies in their bid to do business with Germany.

We particularly promote increased Nigerian-German relations through the following services:

  • Promoting partnerships in Education and Vocational Training. The objective is to contribute to solving the problems of youth unemployment and lack of expertise especially in the technical trades.
  • Facilitating partnership between Nigerian governments (federal, state and local), agencies and NGOs and their German counterparts
  • Acting as consultants to German and Nigerian companies to drive increased trade and investment between both countries.